Week 1 Pre-Recorded Basic Science Lectures (June 10-14)

Introduction to Transplant Immunology - (Michael Gautreaux - 1 hr)

"Laws" of Transplantation, History and Impact Immunity, Declaration of Istanbul

Innate Immunity (Amy Hahn - 1 hr)

Pattern Recognition Receptors, Inflammation, Cytokines and Chemokines, Innate Immune Cells, NK cells and NK Receptors

Adaptive Immunity (Michael Gautreaux - 1 hr)

Immunoglobulin & TCR Gene Rearrangement, TCR, MHC & Accessory Molecule Interactions, T Cell Activation & Effector T cells, B Cell Activation & Antibody Production

Genetic Concepts Applicable to Immunogenetics - Part 1 Basic Genetics (Loren Gragert - 1.25 hrs)

Central dogma of molecular biology - DNA to RNA to Protein, Genetic Change - mutation and recombination, Gene regulation and expression, Gene transmission and Mendelian traits, Genetically-determined disease, Genomics, proteomics, and other '-omics'

Genetic Concepts Applicable to Immunogenetics - Part 2 Population Genetics and Statistics (Loren Gragert - 1.5 hrs)

Allele Frequencies, Phenotype Freqencies an CPRA, Genetic Distance, Evolutionary Models and Tests for Selection, Population Structure and Hardy-Weinberg Testng, Haplotype Frequency Estimation and Linkage Disquilibrium, Chi-Square Contingency Table Testing, Immunogenetic Disease Association, Study Design

MHC Genetics - Part I (Michael Gautreaux - 1 hr)

MHC Gene Complex - Loci, Gene Classes, Non-MHC Genes, Class I and Class II Genes, Organization, Production-structure, Expression & Regulation

Molecular Basis of Allorecognition (Amy Hahn - 1 hr)

Antigen Processing and Presentation, Allorecognition, Functions of Non-Classical MHC-like Molecules

MHC Genetics - Part II (Michael Gautreaux - 1 hr)

HLA Polymorphism, Variable Sites, Generation, Maintenance, Linkage Disequilibrium

Immunoregulation and Tolerance (Amy Hahn - 1 hr)

Thymic Selection, Activation vs Inhibition, Signals & Pathways, Apoptosis and Activation-Induced Cell Death, Clonal Deletion, Regulatory Cells

10-11 AM AND 5-6 PM ET

Week 2 Pre-Recorded Lab Science Lectures (June 17-21)

Molecular Biology (Peter Lalli - 1 hr)

DNA, RNA & Protein Structure, Denaturation/Annealing, Oligonucleotide Probe Hybridization, Labeling/Detection, DNA Synthesis, PCR, DNA Sequencing

DNA Based HLA Typing Methods (Chang Liu - 1 hr)

SSOPH, SSP, RT-PCR, SBT, Techniques to Identify HLA Alleles

Next Generation Sequencing (Chang Liu - 1 hr)

Wet Lab Preparation and QC of NGS Samples, Analysis and QC of NGS Data, Clinical Utility of NGS Typing for HSCT and Solid Organ

HLA Informatics (Loren Gragert - 1 hr)

Immune Polymorphism Sequence Databases (IPD-IMGT/HLA) Analysis of HLA Typing Data using Population Frequencies Pedigree Analysis of HLA in Families Typing Resolution and Unrelated Donor Registry Search HLA Mismatch Metrics – Antigenic vs Molecular HLA Expression and Epitope-Based Matching (HLA-DP)

ABO Basics and Blood Bank Issues for the HLA Lab (Robert Liwski - 1 hr)

ABO Grouping, Subgrouping and Titers, ABO Incompatible Solid Organ Transplant, Other Blood Bank Issues Involving HLA lab - TRALI, Platelet
Refractoriness, Platelet Donor Selection

Chimerism (Peter Lalli - 1 hr)

What Chimerism Is, Chimerism Testing in Cellular Therapeutics, Current Technologies used to Quantify Donor Chimerism, How Chimerism Data Influences Clinical Decisions

Solid Phase Assay Basics (Annette Jackson - 1 hr)

Interpretation Issues, Problems and Pitfalls, Defining Unacceptable Antigens, Virtual Crossmatches

Optimizing Solid Phase Assays (Robert Liwski - 1 hr)

SAB Optimization, Role of Standardization, Denatured Epitopes, Interference, Serum Treatment

Antibodies: Mechanism of Action & New Tools (Annette Jackson - 1.25 hr)

Antibody and Complement, C4d, C3d and C1q Assays, IgG Subclass Analysis, ABO Incompatible and Accommodation

Basic Principles of Flow Cytometry (Robert Liwski - 1.25 hrs)

Basic concepts of Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence and Fluorochromes, Lasers and Photodetectors, Compensation, Data Analysis, Fluorescence Units and Scales

Advanced Flow Cytometry (Robert Liwski - 1.5 hrs)

Application and Principles of Flow Crossmatch, Assay Optimization, Role of Standardization, Correlation with VXM, Cell Isolation and Treatment, Calculating and Validating Cutoffs, Choosing Control Sera

Epitope Analysis for Interpreting HLA Antibody Results (Kelley Hitchman - 1.25 hrs)

Characterization of HLA Epitopes: TerEps and Eplets HLA, Matchmaker, Epitope Registry, Epitope Analysis Cases

Antibody Issues (Annette Jackson - 1.25 hrs)

Antibodies: The Basics, Therapeutics and Test Interference, Non-HLA Antibodies, Endothelial Crossmatch, HLA Antibodies in HSCT

10-11 AM AND 5-6 PM ET

Week 3 Pre-Recorded Clinical Science & Other Lectures (June 24-28)

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (Peter Lalli - 1.25 hrs)

Fatal Blood Diseases Treated with Transplantation, Donor Search Process & Donor Selection Criteria, HSC Transplant Procedure, Sources of Stem Cells, Laboratory Tests - Patient and Donor

HLA Disease Associations and Drug Hypersensitivities (Amy Hahn - 1 hr)

Characteristics of HLA Associated Diseases, Molecular Mechanisms of Common Disease Associations, HLA Association with Drug Hypersensitivity

Transplanting the Sensitized Patient (Annette Jackson - 1.25 hrs)

Desensitization Strategies, Crossing DSA Barriers (Solid Organ & HSCT), Quantifying HLA-Specific B Cell Memory, Kidney Paired Donation- HLA Perspective, KAS: New Transplant Opportunities

Abdominal Organ Transplant Immunology - Part 1 (James Lan - 1.25 hrs)

Basics of Transplantation (Kidney, Pancreas, Liver, Intestine), Indications and Contraindications for Transplantation, Assessment of Graft Function and Rejection, Immunosuppression, Immunomodulation and Tolerance Protocols

Abdominal Organ Transplant Immunology - Part 2 (James Lan - 1.25 hrs)

HLA Testing in Pre-Tx Risk Assessment and Post-Tx Monitoring, Special HLA Lab Considerations, KPD Programs

Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA Applications in Transplantation (Kelley Hitchman - 1 hr)

Evolution of availability/access for clinical use Methods and outputs (digital PCR and NGS) Data considerations (absolute concentration and graft fraction Clinical data in solid organ transplantation Clinical data in HSCT

Thoracic Organ Transplant Immunology (Deborah Levine - 1 hr)

Basics of Transplantation (Heart, Lung) Indications and Contraindications for Transplantation Assessment of Graft Function and Rejection Immunosuppression, Immunomodulation and Tolerance Protocols HLA Testing in Pre-Tx Risk Assessment and Post-Tx Monitoring Special HLA Lab Considerations

Laboratory Management (Walter Herczyk - 1 hr)

Lab Management, Safety and Risk Management

Cost Report (Amy Hahn - .5 hr)

Interim Reimbursement Rates, Cost Report for Independent Labs

Lab Accreditation (Walter Herczyk - .75 hr)

Inspection Process - ASHI & CAP, Other Regulatory Agencies - CMS, JC, UNOS, NMDP, FACT, OSHA, FDA

Implementing an Effective QA Program (Arianne Mankey - .75 hr)

Designing a QA Program, Quality Indicators and Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, QAPI, Competency Assessment

Principles of HLA Matching at the Molecular Level (Chris Wiebe - 1 hr)

Advantage of the Molecular Mismatch, Common Methods of Molecular Mismatch, Pros and Cons of Various Methods

10-11 AM AND 5-6 PM ET